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In bed, watching hulu, eating ice cream out of the carton. Livin’ the cliche.

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who let this yiffin furry in here

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you appear to be describing a cat


I should get a cat? Cats are cool but I’d rather have, y’know, a human friend to have conversations with, to connect with, have adventures with. Or a dog.

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I've been following you since before there even was an internet, or at least it feels that way. And I'm not entirely sure why, like we don't seem blog the same kind of stuff, but I always have a little smile when I see your posts


bless you for sticking around so long, I’ve no idea why you would

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I really love your adorable OC's! do you have any favorites?

OH thank you ;;;; Pixie will always have a special place in my heart. Other favorites are Juliet the Lucario, Seraphina (superhero OC, I’ve drawn her a few times, she’s the white haired gal with wings), and Emerson (haven’t drawn or talked about her, another superhero OC with a lot of self influence)

Thank you for asking ;v;

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poofs behind you and puts flower crowns on your head : <



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Ah, that feel is one I know. The desire to snug has been a multi-month one =w=

I don’t even really want to snuggle. Just a hug. Someone to hang out with. Who understands me.

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Don't be lonely! :< You can talk to me or, well, any of the other people I assume are messaging you now too if you need it.

I appreciate the gesture, just sometimes I wish I had a friend here in person.

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